Welcome to Dantata Farms. We sell different breeds of Quails, Ostrich, Chickens & Peacocks from the far east Japan, China to Europe & America.

We also sell Incubators / Hatchers of different models that will suite your needs, be it that you want to incubate and hatch for fun, as hobby or you would like to hatch for commercial. We have popular Models of 300 Chicken eggs with the Hatching tray inside of 100 eggs, for quails about 700 eggs (slightly less for Turkey, Ducks, Geese and Ostrich). 

Full PVC body (very safe plastic), Swiss made sensors, 22mm heat insulation. Unique and very beautiful design, Easy to use and setup, All internal areas are washable & easy to clean. Five years spare part support..

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Our Location:
Dantata Farms, Dankande village klm 3,
1st Toll gate Kaduna - Zaria
Express way. Kaduna State, Nigeria.

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